Sunday, 25 May 2014

Who I am... at the minute, anyway.

I’m currently doing a Masters degree in Creative Writing and, since beginning that degree, I’ve been asked more than once to have a think about what type of writer I am, what type of writer I want to be, will be, could be, should be… it never ends. I appreciate that I sound somewhat ground down by these considerations but truthfully, I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. I got into the habit of reading about writing, and sometimes writing about writing, and discovered that it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be. This morning I settled down to write a blog post, which is due to be published to my review website at some point tomorrow (although, it will probably be published here now, too), and in that blog post I just talked about writing. What I’m working on, why I write, how I write - and I bloody loved it! So I thought that maybe, writing about writing is writing worth doing, particularly if it’s something that I enjoy, and something that will ultimately help me to understand my writing and the processes I go through when it comes to producing it. 

For anyone hopefully looking at their computer screens, buzzing with the excitement that perhaps this random stranger, communicating with you through the beauty of the internet, is about to share a bunch of secrets that will somehow unlock the secret to your writing… then you’re wrong. And I’m sorry about that. Maybe people will read this and it will spark something for you and if it does then that’s brilliant, but it’s also entirely accidental. In a growing world of online writers, including people who make a career from this vocation without even leaving the comfort of their home - dream job or what - then it seemed worth delving back into blogging, if for no other reason than I thought I might be missing out on something brilliant. And I suppose time will tell whether that’s actually true or not. 

The blog will mostly consist of prose writing, although please don’t be too alarmed or unsettled if the occasional bit of poetry appears at some point. All poems will be vetted thoroughly before being made public; please approach with caution, try not to startle them, and everyone should be okay. 

C x 

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